Friday, November 2, 2012

Dread Pet Python Hair Accessory Review.

Looking for a practical hair accessory which is a little left of centre for your crazy hair? Check out 'Dread Pet Pythons' a handmade creation by SpiraLocks. 

SpiraLocks are a unique and practical idea created by two passionate stay at home mums who wanted an ethical, funky and safe way to tie up their dreads. Although originally designed to be used for dreadlocks, their range of hair accessories are perfect for anyone with hair which is difficult to manage, thick or flyaway. Those of us with crazy hair will understand the frustration and damage regular elastic style hair bands cause.  Normal hair ties are often not stretchy enough to encompass the mass of hair for pony tails, which causes the style to loosen fall out and look scrappy. Trying to tie up dreadlocks, or thick hair into tight styles can cause headaches or damage to the hair. 

SpiraLocks have created a beautiful range of personalised hair accessories which will encompass your locks, ensuring the style is secure the whole day. They are made with a variety of fabrics, often recycled or hand dyed and feature a soft wool bendable shape to wrap around your tresses, which won’t damage or pull your hair.  They are super easy to use - taking only a few seconds to secure hair into a neat style which will stay like that all day. There are a variety of lengths available, which can be used to create elaborate updos, pony tails or “piggy tails”.  My 7 year old daughter has a matched pair in school colours she uses every day to keep her mad hair in check. 

Not only is SpiraLocks a home business supporting two fabulous mums, it also uses ethically farmed wool from a small community in Africa and vegan using certified organic cottons and hemps and vintage fabrics. The pricing depends on the complexity of detail on individual pieces, but ranges from $40 - $60 for most designs. These styles come in a simple range for everyday wear and elaborate to a fancy style and the ladies welcome enquiries for special designs. 

Specifically reviewed today is a really funky design, perfect not only for Halloween, but as a talking point everywhere you go. Dread Pet Pythons are so lifelike, people who notice them in your hair will often get a fright or become concerned that you are unaware of your ‘friend’. 50 cm in length, these pythons secure your hair with enough ‘snake’ to creep up over your head or down the side of your neck. My black headed python featured black wooden bead eyes and a lifelike silky silvery skin.  I have had so many comments about it, its become the favourite hair tie for everyday use. 

Check out their facebook page and look out for links to new creations and designs every week. Prices are posted under each photo, with orders taken only on facebook. Postage is fast and the customer service is outstanding. These ladies are enthusiastic about their creations and keen to share their passion. Dreadlocked or just crazy hair - you will love SpriaLocks and will wonder why you put up with Elasticised bands for so long.

I’d love to thank Peta for sending me some of her designs to test.

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