Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doctor Dreadful Snot Shots Review

Doctor Dreadful keys into kids macabre delight in gross things. Fancy picking a huge nose and eating your findings?  Perhaps digging out earwax Shrek would be proud of is more your style? Just time time for Halloween and the myriad of end of term parties, Doctor Dreadfuls kits are sure to bring that disgusting edge to serving edible snot and goo that only kids clamber for.

My son was engrossed by the Snot Shots, insisting everyone in the family were fed a long slimy tendril of snot, controlled by a syringe at the end of the large warty nose. Just as disturbing was the ear wax oozing out of a flaccid ear. 

Although my children insisted that the sweet paste merging out of the plastic orifices was tasty, I found it a little too sweet and a little grainy. The nose and ear dispensers are sturdy, though a little fiddly to clean after all of the goo has been consumed. 

The recipes are easy to follow with every nauseating ingredient safe to consume. The packets have enough inside to try a few batches and certainly enough for a party trick. Children as young as seven will be able to mix and insert the contents into the facial cavities in order to gross out the next dinner guest.

A great addition for theme parties or Halloween and a firm favourite with both boys and girls between 7 and 13. Its a great gift idea and defiantly worth looking at for the younger teens who are hard to buy for.

Doctor Dreadful Snot Shots by Moose Toys is available from Toys R Us and all leading toy shops. 

My son would like to thank the wonderful people at  Undertow Media for sending us the product to review. 

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