Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blingles Theme Pack & Crystal Pets Review

Blingles are a great way to get some bling and pizazz into the holiday season! My daughter adores anything that sparkles and shines, but these products are equally enjoyed by boys.  We have the Blingles Accessory Pack as well as the Crystal Pets Pack. Between them, there are over 400 gems, 2 gem mats, glue rolls, trinket box, photo frame, key ring, gift cards, and a huge variety of design templates.  With craft kits always a big hit in this household, there were more than enough materials to add sparkle and shine to everything in the wardrobe.

The concept itself is simple, with clear instructions in the packaging, to ensure a great result is achieved immediately. If you’re not sure about creating your own design, there are some great templates that you can use. My 7 year old quickly decided she wanted to branch out into her own artwork and was delighted with the results she achieved. A huge animal fan, my son worked on a number of puppy and dog outlines, delighted with what he produced. The small gemstone bling that will stick to practically anything, including clothing and shoes.   To make a ‘blingle’, a template is chosen ( or you can make your own up), gems positioned onto the no-mess glue sheet and it peeled apart to then stick wherever its needed. The high quality glue roll ensures that the design will stick to most things. he kit comes with a special pen that makes it easy to pick up the gems.
The age range for Blingles is suggested for chidren girls ages 6 and up, although perhaps unless they have good fine motor control, a little older will ensure there are no tears or frustrated designers. In saying that, younger children will have just the same deslight in creating when working alongside an older sibling or parent. I really appreciated the tidy tray for all of the materials, keeping them in order and easily accessible. 

Design It, Press It, Bling It!  It really is that simple. Refills of both the gems and transfer glue rolls are readily available.

Note that the kit has tiny pieces, so if you have younger children around you’ll want to take extra care that they don’t go into mouths. The Blingles Kits by Moose Toys are available from major toy stores and were at supplied to us by the wonderful team at  Undertow Media to review.

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