Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Rosy Cheeks Baby Doll - A Review

There were squeals of delight as our Rosy Cheeks Baby Doll was lifted out of her packaging.  She is part of a gorgeous soft doll line by The North American Bear Company. Rosy Cheeks was recently noted as a winner of Top Tips Trusted and Creative Child Magazine Awards. The Company’s toy range delight and enchant children from infants to tweenagers, covering bears, baby dolls, princess and fantasy play dolls.
The Rosy Cheeks range features dolls made from a super soft washable velour. Their embroidered faces are minimalistic but carry a sweet expression. They also have a lifelike ‘outie’ belly button and bottom with the cutest toes and fingers. The baby dolls have a removable jersey top, hat and diaper and and I.D bracelet.
Product Pros
Being soft and squishy, Rosy Cheeks is perfect for a young child to take everywhere they go and sleep. The material is soft and immediately huggable and is of high quality. The baby doll is a good size for dolly strollers. The diaper and shirt have velcro fasteners so it’s easy for a small hands to dress and undress. Even if it gets soiled, a quick hand wash will ensure the doll and clothes look new when dried.
The I.D bracelet is a perfect addition for personalisation. This little detail makes introducing a new brother or sister a little easier for toddlers. Another beautiful option for this doll is the ability to embroider personalised messages or features directly onto the surface.
Rosy Cheeks is available in a few hair colours and skin tones as well as in boy or girl. They are suitable for toddlers through to children still enchanted by baby dolls.

Product Cons
The ID Bracelet is made of a hard plastic and could be a little scratchy when the doll is hugged and carried about.
The little hat is held on with a stitch. Ensure that this is kept on as once it is taken off, the hat does not sit well and could be easily lost.
Overall, Rosy Cheeks Baby Doll is a perfect gift for a child wanting a snuggly comforting toy. By ensuring that the hat is secure and bracelet removed, it is suitable for young babies, with the assurance of long lasting play for years to come.
Annie would like to thank The North American Bear Company for supplying Rosy Cheeks Baby Doll to review.  Their products can be viewed and purchased online .

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