Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mythbusters Science of Sports Kit- Review

Searching for appropriate gifts for teenaged boys can prove to be a difficult task. Whilst well meaning books, underwear or boxed gags tend to populate the choices, finding something that pique their interest, add value to their learning experiences and is a safe but fun activity tends to narrow products down. Based on the popular Mythbuster Series, Discovery have released a series of science kits which promote exploration into science and its theories as the next cool thing to do. Having Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage wise crack their way through blowing things up hasn’t hurt the image for teenage boys either.

Mythbusters Science of Sports kit

The kit follows the formula the series is built on. Using science, it goes about determining the truth behind urban myths. This particular kit explores the legends surrounding sports. The kit includes the vital equipment required to test each of the theories:
  • string
  • mallet
  • ping-pong ball
  • baseball
  • rubber ball
  • chart
  • sticker sheet
  • marker
  • clear tube
  • face paint
  • stick
  • Activity Guide
Product Pros
The kit provides the basis for a family to test common sporting myths and develop a shared interest into exploration and investigation. It allows children to experience how important science is within the sporting arena. The main myths tested are
  • Finding the ‘sweet spot’ on any baseball bat.
  • Discovering how curve balls really curve.
  • Learning about why the ‘rest and digest’ strategy brings them more energy.
  • Testing out the truth of the ‘big bounce.’
The materials used in the kit are of good quality. The kit would provide a great resource for teachers of physical education or coaches trying to find a different angle to engage their players and students.
Product Cons
Whilst this kit can provide some fun family learning, care needs to be taken with inquisitive younger children, as their own ideas may take over and lead to household challenges. The materials are designed to encourage independent discovery and although suggest its suitability for aged 9 and up, from the instructions and scientific theories behind some of the experiments, it might be better suited to older children or those who are very passionate about science.
The instructions and information behind the science can appear jumbled and skips around a little. For children or people unused to the chaotic format the show follows, the activity guide may prove confusing and difficult to follow.
Mythbusters Science of Sports kit sets out to marry sports and science, making learning a hands on experience and giving an appreciation to the theories behind the urban myths. One of the best parts about it was that the kids had the final say on whether each of the sports legends is ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Busted.’ Anything that makes learning more accessible to teenage boys and encourages kids to use their brains and not just their muscles gets a thumbs up from me.
MythBusters science kits sell for about $19.99 and are located at Toys R Us or you can find them by visiting , , or .
You can also learn more about MythBusters by visiting :
Annie would like to thank Discovery  for supplying her with  the kit to experiment and review.

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